Grounding/Earthing, What Is It? & Why You Should Be Doing It.

Grounding or Earthing as it is also called is a form of a therapeutic technique which involves the activities of which one ground or electrically reconnects to the earth.

This technique involves the basis of earthing science and grounding physics in which it explains how electrical charges from the earth are effective in positively affecting your body & mind.

In this blog, we will understand what exactly grounding is, how you can effectively do grounding and the benefits it has on the individual’s body & mind.

Ways of grounding/earthing

There is a few methods of which you can perform grounding. Each method focuses on reconnecting yourself to the earth.

Walking Barefoot

Do you ever remember being a child and running around all day kicking a ball barefoot at the park? Well, if so, this I sone the simplest ways to ground yourself to the earth, by simply walking barefoot.

You can do this by walking on the grass, sand and even mud. In any way you allow your skin to touch the natural ground it will provide you with grounding energy.

Laying on the ground

Another valuable way of grounding is through skin-to-earth contact, an easy way of doing so is simply by laying on the ground, you can do this while reading a book, having a nap, or just relaxing, you can do this on grass or even sand on the beach.

Make sure that you practice safe procedures when out in the weather ensuring you find shade, apply sunscreen and practice safe sun methods.

Submersing in water

According to some studies for grounding, water is another method in grounding the same way that physical earth is used.

It is suggested that by simply being in a lake, river or swimming in the ocean is another way to perform grounding. Ensure you are aware of the water and have knowledge on swimming and correct first aid techniques.

Using grounding equipment

There are alternative methods to grounding that doesn’t involve the above. A method you can do is by connecting a metal rod to the ground outside and connecting the rod to your body through a wire.

If you do not want to use the metal rod there is other option available including: